The following amendments to the West Volusia Association of REALTORS by-laws will be voted on at a meeting of the General Membership on October 16th, 2019 at NOON.  Members may also download a copy of our current bylaws and a PDF of these proposed amendments below:



Stellar MLS eliminated most of their committees awhile back and created one single "Super" committee, which makes all of the important decisions about the MLS system, products and services, rules and regulations etc.  Each association has representation on this super committee, and each association selects their respective representative.  The individual appointed is required to go back to their association and solicit feedback from their boards of directors. 

The WVAR board believes that adding this seat to the WVAR board will ensure that the thoughts and feedback from WVAR will be communicated more effectively if the representative has an automatic seat on the WVAR Board of Directors.


The WVAR Board of Directors has been discussing the idea of adding more directors seats to the board of directors as our membership continues to grow and become more diverse. 

This amendment will add two more elected directors to the Board of Directors. 

If approved, a special election will be held before March 31st, 2020 to ensure that the members decide who these two new directors are, rather than having them appointed by the outgoing board. 

There would be a seat available for 1 year, and another seat available for 2 years, in order to get those seats on "cycle" for future elections.

Who gets the 1 year and 2 year seat would be determined by lot (drawing straws or high/low cards)

Individuals interested in these seats will still need to go through a nominating committee, be slated and elected by the REALTOR membership as if it were one of our traditional elections.


Right now the WVAR By-Laws only allow the members to amend the by-laws by physically attending a meeting.  This amendment would allow members to vote online in an election in place of having a meeting. 

The rationale is that less than 20 members on average attend a general membership meeting, meaning there is not true representation of our membership.  Allowing members to vote online through a secure voting service can and will allow hundreds to have a say in any amendment of the WVAR by-laws.

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