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2020 WVAR Elections

In 2019, the WVAR Board of Directors asked the REALTOR members to amend the Associations by-laws to add two (2) seats to the WVAR Board of Directors.  The additional directors seats were approved and the voting members approved a special election to be complete no later than March 31st, 2020.  Of the 2 seats available, one will be for 1 year ending in 2020, and the other will be for 2 years ending in 2021.  It will be determined by lot which two prevailing candidates will receive the 1 and 2 year terms.

Below is an outline of the qualifications to serve as a director on the WVAR Board of Directors.  Individuals who wish to serve must be nominated (self-nomination is allowed) and also complete the online application that will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee.  You'll also see at timeline for this special election.  Timelines cannot be amended or extended in this special election.  If you have any questions about service to the Board of Directors, please contact the Association. 

WVAR Board of Directors Qualifications:

1. Member in Good Standing with WVAR.

2. Member of WVAR for at least two consecutive years.

3. Member of a WVAR or Stellar MLS Committee for at least 1 year, within the past 5 years.

4. Must complete the application and agree to the terms of service as a Director or Officer.

If you are unsure of your qualifications, please contact WVAR and we can verify your eligibility. 

Election Timeline:

12/31/2019 - Nominations Available

1/15/2020 - Nominations Due

1/31/2020 - Slate of Candidates Delivered to President

2/6/2020 - Floor Nominations Accepted (if contested)

2/12/2020 9:00AM - Voting Begins for Election (if contested)

2/19/2020 5:00PM - Voting Ends (if contested)

2/27/2020 8:30AM - New Board Members First Meeting

Consent to Serve Documents:

Nominees are asked to review the requirements for service to the WVAR Board of Directors as a Director or Officer.  You'll find a copy of those terms below in the PDF.