What is Supra?

            Supra is an electronic lockbox system which allows Realtors® to easily access and track showings of locked houses. Supra offers two products, eKEYS and electronic Lockboxes, which are both available to you as members of the West Volusia Association.


  • eKEYS – The West Volusia Association of Realtors® utilizes the eKEY, which is an app that can be downloaded to most smart-phones.  Supra eKEYS allow Realtors® to show properties by granting them access to house keys that are kept onsite. For added safety, the Supra eKEY includes PIN-code security and creates a record each time a Lockbox is opened.


  • Lockboxes - Supra electronic Lockboxes securely store keys onsite so that Realtors® may have access to show the listing.  Current models of Lockboxes can be opened using Bluetooth or infrared signals. For security, Supra's system creates a record each time a Lockbox is opened.   The Lockboxes can also be programmed to limit accessibility to certain times of the day; i.e., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions about Supra

1. I had to re-download the app and now it no longer works.  It keeps asking me for a new authorization code.  How do I get a new code?

A. You can call WVAR for a new code, but if we're not open, you can call Supra directly for a new code.  Also, you can log-in to your SupraNet account and generate a code as well. 

2. I'm trying to open a lock box and it wont open.  What's wrong?

A.  There could be a few things happening.  First make sure that your Supra ekey is active, bluetooth is enabled in your phone, and that your Supra account is up-to-date and in good standing. Your monthly Supra key payments are auto-debited, so if your credit/debit card number has changed recently, you may have an outstanding invoice with Supra. Lockboxes must be "Activated" to successfully communicate with a key; you can achieve this by pressing on the bottom of the lockbox until the lockbox flashes a red light indicating it is ready to communicate with you ekey. Perhaps you do not yet have cooperating access with the Association that own lock box, meaning you're showing a listing where the box has been hung by someone from far outside of the participation area.  Call WVAR and we can request access for any association showing area, but we need at least 48 hours notice.

3. Someone has offered to sell me their lock boxes because they've decided to retire.  How do I get them re-programmed?

A. WVAR strongly cautions agents to contact us before finalizing any lockbox purchase. Association staff are able to provide critical information regarding lockboxes, including remaining battery life, which Associations the lockbox cooperates with, and/or if a lockbox is eligible for sale to another agents, as the lockbox may belong to Supra in which case it is non-transferable.  Always call WVAR staff before exchanging money for a used box.

4. I work on a team with another agents and we've decided to share an E-Key to save money and make things easier.  How do we do this?

A. Sharing keys is a violation of the WVAR Key and Lock Box Rules and Regulations, and also violates the lease agreement with Supra.  Fines for sharing a key start at $1,000.00 per occurrence and can include the loss of membership in WVAR.

5. The lockbox on my listing has died or had a mechanical issue and now will not come off of the door.  How do I remove the lock box?

A. Unfortunately, the box must be cut off of the doorknob.  There is no other solution.  If the box had a mechanical issue, Supra will swap out the box, if the battery has died, the box is not returnable.

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